New Internet Database

New Internet-based nutrient data base from USDA with 13,000 foods

What nutrients were in the smoothie you just ate? Was it a two-cup"Arial"> serving made with fruit? Or was it a 20-fluid-ounce smoothie made with fruit and yogurt? The answers can be found on the Internet, where free access is now available to nutrient information on thousands of foodstypically eaten in the United States.

Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists today launched a searchable database on the World Wide Web where users can view a60-nutrient profile for each of more than 13,000 foods. The new resource is called "What's in the Foods You Eat--Search Tool."

By providing information on the nutrient values in typically consumed foods, the new online search tool will help consumers make informeddecisions about food choices.

duced by nutritionists with the ARS Food Surveys Research Group, based in Beltsville, Md., and headed by supervisorynutritionist Alanna Moshfegh. ARS is the U.S. Department ofAgriculture's chief scientific research agency.

he data are provided in commonly consumed portion sizes and weights, and easy-to-use help screens are readily available. To access the database on the World Wide Web, go to:



What nutrients are in a pizza?

Meg McAlpine
Contributing Editor