Parenting and Divorce   A guide for married and unmarried parents

Divorce is a major stressor for families. Decades following divorce, some parents are still angry and they continue to experience significant difficulties in terms of leaving the past behind, coping effectively, and rebuilding their lives. For children, the negative effects of divorce can follow them into adulthood.

Florida Statutes (61.21 F.S.), make it a requirement for divorcing parents with minor children and those who are involved in paternity actions to take a parenting course before final judgment is rendered, unless they obtain special exemptions from the courts.  PARENTS, CHILDREN & DIVORCE is approved by the Florida Department of Children and Families for fulfillment of the Florida “Parent Education and Family Stabilization” requirement of the Florida Statutes.

The beneficial nature of parenting and divorce education classes in assisting both adults and children with divorce-related concerns is well-known. In this regard, A POSITIVE DIVORCE RESOLUTION has been providing parents with critical information about divorce and parenting for many years. This information includes life choices, numerous options and decisions, which could significantly affect parents’ own futures and their ability to help their children adjust successfully to the many challenges that usually emerge after this major loss.

Cost: Registration Fee is $20.00

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