Guiding Good Choices

Guiding Good Choices is a skills training program for parents of children between the ages of eight-to-fourteen-years-old.  It is designed to decrease the likelihood of youth using drugs and alcohol.  It strives to reduce adolescent substance abuse and other deviant behaviors by changing the ways in which families interact and communicate regarding risky behaviors.

There are four sessions, and each session is dedicated to improving a certain skill.

Session I

  • Program overview; identifies risk factors associated with substance use and deviant behavior among adolescents; developing family policies about substance use and other deviant behaviors and expectations for the child.

Session II

  • Youth attend this session with their parents (if possible) and both learn peer resistance and avoidance skills.  These skills are taught and practiced during the session

Session III

  • Parents learn about conflict management and practice how to express feelings in a constructive manner

Session IV

  • Parents will learn ways to implement their child’s participation in the family’s governance, maintenance, financial and health tasks.

The Guiding Good Choices program was developed by Dr. J. David Hawkins and Dr. Richard Catalano of the University of Washington.  Their research has shown that when youth are bonded to their parents, school and non-drug-using peers, they are less likely to get involved in drug use or other behavior problems.

This program is provided at no charge, free childcare is provided.  Guiding Good Choices is being offered through a partnership between the University of Florida and NACDAC.

To register please contact:  Meg McAlpine, University of Florida at 904-530-6350.





Meg McAlpine
FCS Agent IV
Contributing Editor