Agriculture Extravaganza 2010

The annual Ag (Agriculture) Extravaganza took place on Friday.  Master Gardener volunteers led presentations to elementary students from Hilliard, Callahan, Bryceville and Yulee in three topics: The Tomato Industry (Howard North), The Butterfly Life Cycle (Ginny Grupe, Jane Brown, Joanne Roach and Candace Bridgewater) and Soil:The Importance of Soil to Humans and Animals (Jim "Joe Dirt" McKay, and Horticulture Agent Becky Jordi).  Approximately 120 students experienced these presentations.

Butterfly Experience

Butterfly Life Cycle: the students learned the life cycle of butterflies - from larva to chrysalis to adult stages and were able to see actual larva and chrysalis at the presentation.

Tomato Station
Tomato Industry: students saw samples of the various food products of the tomato including ketchup, tomato sauce, BBQ sauce, and canned tomatoes - both commercial and home-prepared canned tomatoes!  They also received a tomato seed on a damp cotton ball enclosed in a plastic bag to prepare for their own tomato-growing experience!

The Dish on Dirt!

Soil: The students learned the importance of soil to humans and we need it to generate most of our food products and to animals who use soil to live (worms!) and for other purposes.




Lavender Flowers

Rebecca Jordi
Horticulture Agent IV
County Extension Director
Contributing Editor