Demonstration Garden Fact Sheet

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University of Florida/IFAS

Official Name of the Garden:     Nassau County Cooperative Extension Demonstration Garden           

Official Government Entity In Charge:  Nassau County Cooperative Extension,
University of Florida/Institute of Food & Agricultural Sciences-UF/IFAS                           

Government Official In Charge:

Rebecca L. Jordi, UF/IFAS Environmental Horticulture Agent IV, Nassau County Extension

Location of the Garder:
Nassau County Governmental Complex
96135 Nassau Place
Yulee Florida 32097

Purpose of the Garden:
Established September 2005, the purpose of the Demonstration Garden is to show examples of Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Northeast Florida landscapes, adopted from the University of Florida’s “Florida Yards and Neighborhoods” program. The garden provides an opportunity for Nassau County residents, children and businesses to see the principles or Best Management Practices (BMP) of common landscape plants best suited for the Northeast Florida area.  These principles include: micro-irrigation; ‘Right Plant/Right Place’; mulching; recycling; attracting wildlife; and Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Approximately 60’ x 70’

Types of Plants:
Recommended Florida landscape plants include trees, shrubs, groundcovers, grasses, perennials and hardy sub-tropicals.

Trees for Urban Settings: This site demonstrates specific trees planted in the medians/islands which tolerate small soil section often found in urban settings and common areas in residential subdivisions.

Palm Garden: This site offers several specimens of the palm family which are cold-hardy for Northeast Florida.

Installed By:
Nassau County Horticulture Agent, Nassau County Master Gardeners, 4-H Youth and community volunteers

Maintained By:
Nassau County Horticulture Agent and Nassau County Master Gardener Volunteers

Hours of Operation:
Visitors are welcome to visit the Demonstration Garden anytime.  The Garden is self-touring with plant signage and Best Management Practices (BMP) examples.  Master Gardener-guided group or school tours can be scheduled by calling the extension office at 530-6350 or 530-6353 or by e-mailing

The Butterfly Experience Program
Conducted at the Demonstration Garden, the Butterfly Experience presentation, for primary and elementary school aged children, will include information on the butterfly life cycle, i.e., it's
metamorphosis from larva to pupa (caterpillar) to adult butterfly.  We discuss why butterflies are important for pollination of plants/flowers/trees, and discuss our State butterfly, the Zebra Butterfly. A tour of the Nassau County Demonstration Garden features nectar source for adult butterflies and host plants which provide food for caterpillars. The children make butterfly art and take their creations home. Master Gardeners, under the guidance of Rebecca Jordi, Nassau County Environmental Horticulture Agent, conduct the presentations. To schedule a program please contact the Extension Office at 904- 530-6350. 

Additional Information:
Master Gardener volunteers can also answer questions about the Demonstration Gardens, and can be reached at the Yulee satellite office at 904 530-6350.  In addition, detailed plant information is available at

The Nassau County Cooperative Extension Demonstration Garden was made possible by the generous contributions of the following sponsors:

Nassau County Board of Commissioners, Bridgeview Nursery & Garden Center, Fernandina Beach Mulch & Stone, Inc., Anne Mankovich (designer), Lowe’s Home Improvement, Page’s Landscape Nursery, Reflections of Nature Nursery, Taylor’s Nursery, The Sign Shoppe, White Oak Plantation

Special thanks to 4-H Youth and their parents.

Rebecca L. Jordi       904-530-6350
Bea Walker                 904-321-2266


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