Fruit Garden Plant List

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The Yulee Satellite Extension office has a Fruit Garden which is located at 86026 Pages Dairy Road.  The garden features several raised beds with citrus trees such as Meyer's lemon, Satsuma, Naval orange, Meiwa kumquat and Ruby Red grapefruit.  The back of the office has other fruit trees such as pear (Hood, Pineapple and Baldwin), apple (Anna and Golden Dorsett), plum, nectarine, pomegranate, guava and several varieties of rabbit-eye blueberries.  We also have two varieties of muscadine grapevines and one thornless blackberry.  The front flower bed has one mayhaw tree and an olive tree. The raised beds are surrounded by ornamental grasses and shrubs.  The whole area attracts butterflies from spring through fall and the fruit trees provide plenty of food (insects and ) for the numerous families of bluebirds nesting in our bluebird house directly on the property. The property is completely maintained by the horticulture agent and the Master Gardener volunteers. 

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Butterfly on Parson Brown Orange

Rebecca Jordi
Horticulture Agent IV
County Extension Director
Contributing Editor