Juniror Master Gardener Program
Nassau County


Club Chrysalis

The brisk wind kept us inside today, so we learned all about composting. Ms. Barnes even brought some partially decayed sticks( "browns") for us to shred for the compost pile.

We learned that "greens" and "browns" must be layered and each layer watered slightly. Several reasons were given for why we should compost. Mainly it makes a great soil amendment that can lower soil pH. We know how to construct a compost pile without using a pricey bin.

We painted our very own compost containers that can be used to collect "green" scraps from the kitchen. We will bring these containers home Feb.6.

Oh, and we had to take another pretest. Boy, do we have lots to learn. Addtionally, we examined seed packets and most of us plotted the arrangement of veggies on a square foot diagram representing our garden.

That is quite a lot to accomplish in an hour! 

I am not sure who had the most fun, students or teacher???