Landscape Matters 2017

The Nassau County Cooperative Extension monthly series: "Landscape Matters"

These presentations, which are held from 10am - 11am, will be given by  Nassau County Extension Agents and Master Gardener Volunteers on a Wednesday of each month at the Yulee Satellite Office, 86026 Pages Dairy Road, Yulee. Rose Class and Pruning Class, and Palm Class will be held at the Demonstration Garden, Yulee Government Complex, 96135 Nassau Place.

Please note the classes held on days other than Wednesday.


Landscape Matters 2017




Jan 11


Citrus for Home
Citrus Pest Control
Citrus for NE FL

Rebecca Jordi

Jan 25

Fruit Trees for NE Florida
Growing Fruit in the Home Landscape

Growing Pears in the Home Landscape

Elaine Roblez

Feb 1

Pruning Roses
Growing Roses
Rose Maintenance Checklist
Demonstration Garden Location

Carol Ann Atwood

Feb 15

Pruning Trees
Demonstration Garden Location

Rebecca Jordi

Mar 1

Flowering Shrubs

Rebecca Jordi

Mar 15

10AM - 11:30AM
Pre-register by March 3. Fee $20.

Candace Bridgewater

Apr 5

Hummingbirds Fee $10 for recycled feeder.
To register email

Karl Shaffer

Apr 19


Karl Shaffer

May 3

Hardy Tropicals

Rebecca Jordi

May 17

Palm Trees
Demonstration Garden Location

Pruning Palms

Pruning Palms II


N. FL Palm List

Rebecca Jordi

Jun 7

Lawn Problems

St. Augustinegrass

Nelson Peterson

Jun 21

Zika - Protecting Yourself from Mosquitoes

Rebecca Jordi

Jul 19

Garden Pests

Rebecca Jordi

Aug 2


Karl Shaffer

Aug 16


Vegetable Gardening Guide

Joseph Smith

Sept 6

Gardening with Children

Dee McGraw

Sept 20

Fall Blooming Perennials

Rebecca Jordi

Oct 4

Native Plants

Rebecca Jordi

Oct 18


Joanne Roach

Nov 1

The Frugal Gardener

Rebecca Jordi

Nov 15

Holiday Mailbox Decorating

Carol Ann Atwood & Sylvie Baxter

No programs in December.


Growing Pears in the Home Landscape


Citrus for Home
Citrus Pest Control
Citrus for NE FL

Mason Bee Instructions (Pollinators)


Creating a Wildlife Habitat in Your Landscape

Landscaping Backyards for Wildlife:
Top Ten Tips for Success

Attract Wildlife

UF Florida-Friendly Landscaping Program


Pruning Palms

Pruning Palms II


N. FL Palm List

Cold Damage on Palms
Palms for North Florida


Chapters of the International Palm Society:
Florida First Coast

Southeastern US
Gulf Coast

Propagating Coontie from Seed

Native Plants for Florida Home Landscapes


Pruning Roses
Growing Roses
Rose Maintenance Checklist

Pruning Roses Video - Deadheading

Pruning Roses Video - Rejuvenation

Pruning Roses Video - Part 3

Pruning Roses Video - Part 4
Pruning Roses Video - Part 5

RAIN BARRELS A Homeowner's Guide

How to Build a Bluebird House
Bluebird House Video

Butterflies of Northeast Florida

Attract Specific Birds to Your Landscape

Mulch Fact Sheet

Melaleuca Fact Sheet

The Lawn Fertilzer Toolbox

Lawn Care Tips for Saving Water Time & Money

These programs are free to the public, so please call us at 904 530-6350 or e-mail if you plan to attend. If response is too small, the program will be canceled.

Trouble-shooting Landscapes: Efficient Irrigation
County Extension Director/Horticulture Agent, Rebecca Jordi and Master Gardener volunteers Paul Gosnell and Nelson Peterson will assist homeowners in reducing insect and disease issues on lawns and landscapes. These problems often result from too much water, shallow irrigation, or uneven coverage. They will demonstrate how to properly measure irrigation at one zone and then provide solutions for correcting discrepancies.  Other cultural practices such as fertilization, proper mulching, planting depth of trees and shrubs, etc. will also be provided.  In addition, Jordi and the Master Gardeners will diagnosis disease or insect issues on ornamentals at the site.  The goal is to reduce frustrations and the cost of managing North Florida landscapes. Jordi requires at least 6 homeowners and will come to your subdivision for these free sessions. To schedule a "Trouble-shooting Landscapes" session for you and your neighbors, please call the Extension office at 904-530-6353, or email Ms. Jordi at

These programs are free to the public unless otherwise noted.

Garden Shed

Rebecca Jordi
Horticulture Agent IV
County Extension Director
Contributing Editor