Nassau County Master Gardeners attend conference

Nine Nassau County Master Gardeners attended the 2009 Master Gardener Continuing Education Conference in Ocala, Florida.  They participated in a variety of horticultural classes which enhanced their knowledge.  All Master Gardeners use this educational opportunity to enable them to be of service to Nassau County residents.

Shirly Lohman, Dot Kelly, Paul Gosnell, Shirley Fenton

: Master Gardeners Shirley Lohman, Dottie Kelley, Paul Gosnell and Shirley Fenton take a break on the UF/IFAS field trip,during their conference in Ocala, Florida.

Master Gardener group

Nassau County Master Gardeners Dottie Kelley, Jill Auburn, Jean Mueller, Mary Chudzynski, Shirley Lohman, Joanne Roach, Shirley Fenton and Paul Gosnell prepared to hear one of the Master Gardener Continuing Education presentations.


Candace Bridgewater, Joanne Roach, Paul Gosnell

Nassau County Master Gardeners Candace Bridgewater, Joanne Roach and Paul Gosnell enjoyed their experience of interacting with Master Gardeners from over 50 counties at the 2009 Annual Master Gardener Continuing Education Conference.

Shirley Fenton, Dot Kelly, Joanne Roach

Master Gardeners Dottie Kelley (center) and Joanne Roach (right) look over the schedule of activities with Shirley Fenton (seated).