Sweet Almond Bush
Aloysia virgata

This sweetly fragrant, vigorous, drought-tolerant, upright-growing tree/shrub is from Argentina.  It produces spiked flower clusters with small white almond-scented flowers.   With an extended bloom period from spring through fall, this shrub is a good nectar source for butterflies.  The branches of “Almond Verbena” have a slightly weeping growth habit.  

In northern Florida, this plant will freeze back, but will regrow as a 3’ – 4’ shrub.  If grown in ideal conditions in our area, it may reach 15 feet tall as a woody shrub or small tree. Dead- heading of spent flowers will not be needed, but for best results, pruning the shrub between bloom cycles is recommended for denser growth to overcome a leggy habit.  


African hosta

The flower cluster of Almond Bush will give off an odor of vanilla or almond.

Rebecca Jordi
Horticulture Agent IV
County Extension Director
Contributing Editor
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