Potato Vine
Solanum jasminoides

Characteristics:  A fast growing shrubby vine is native to South America.  A good bloomer and relatively frost-hardy, withstanding temperatures down to about 17-21 degrees.                    
Zone: 9 and warmer.  Note, in mild and warm climates, this plant is reported to be potentially invasive.

Growth: from 10 to 20 ft. tall

Flowers: blooms from late spring to early fall. Flowers are pure white to light blue flowers, with prominent yellow stamens and are slightly perfumed. Flowers are followed by small purple-black berries, which are toxic if ingested.

Leaves: semi-decidious to evergreen, which can take a red tint during fall.

Soil: This plant will grow in a large range of soils, but prefer well-drained grounds, without excessive moisture. They can grow well in poor soils too.



Potato Vine

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