Stromanthe sanguinea ‘Triostar’

This striking upright foliage plant is grown mainly for its beautiful coloration.  It has been selected from a native of the tropical Americas, a relative of the Prayer Plant.  It will also attract holiday plant lovers because of the red, green and white colored leaves, which are oblong, thick and glossy.

Tricolor, or ‘Triostar’ as known in the nursery trade, is very eye-catching and thrives as a container grown indoor plant.  In Central and South it can survive outside year-round in shady settings, but will not survive hard freezes.  Caterpillars and slugs may pose an issue as well as leaf-burn if grown in the full sun.  It will be a very popular choice for 2008. 


African hosta

Rebecca Jordi
Horticulture Agent IV
County Extension Director
Contributing Editor