Spotlight on Nassau Gardens

Jim and Louise​ Bruland

Jim and Louise​ Bruland moved from Maine in October 1989. They were the first residents to live in their new community on Amelia Island and they have lived there for 28 years. Currently, they enjoy being visited by a young grandson.
They decided to plant an Indian Hawthorn in their front yard.  It was composed of three little twigs and only one foot tall. They had to tie a tape around the twigs to keep them pointing up. The Hawthorn shrub has never been fertilized but has grown like crazy.
Once they noticed a hawk bouncing on a limb and looking at the Jasmine bush next to the Hawthorn shrub. The hawk jumped into the bush and caught a good sized black snake. They enjoyed seeing nature so active Quite amazing.
It is unusual for a Majestic Beauty Hawthorn shrub to grow so large. 
​Normally, they reach only five feet (5').  This specimen is a beauty with massive flowers on it in the spring. Jim and Louise have definitely enjoyed watching it develop
​ to nearly 20 feet high​.