Spotlight on Nassau Gardens

Shirley & Stanley Bunch

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Garden of Shirley & Stanley Bunch

Shirley and Stanley Bunch have a beautiful garden on Amelia Island featuring over 300 rose bushes, many Hydrangeas, lovely pots and baskets of flowers and even an extensive vegetable garden. Shirley Bennett Bunch has lived here all of her life and Stanley has been here 52 years.  He worked as a forester most of his working years but also raised and sold Christmas trees from 1968 until 2004.

Stanley fertilizes the roses every 6 weeks and they have grown much larger than expected, especially the Knock Out Roses.  He carries a clipper with him most of the time to deadhead and prune the roses when necessary. One of his beautiful red roses is called the Medal of Honor Rose and was named this to honor the US veterans. In the vegetable garden he raises tomatoes, squash, cucumber okra, eggplant and more. His lovely blueberry patch is surrounded with a fence to discourage birds from eating the fruit.  It is a gorgeous garden area and they both enjoy the beauty of it all.