Spotlight on Nassau Gardens

Connie & Susan Casillas

Marie Connie Casillas
Marie Connie Casillias

At "Casa Casillias garden", Connie, 89  stands among  gardenia shrubs, hollyhock vines, hydrangea and giant liriope plants.  Other plantings in the garden include a brilliant red velvet 10" platter hibiscus bush, pink azaleas, white African irises and fig trees.  She provides daily care and keeps their garden blooming.  Garden colors are as diverse as the plants which occupy the space and bloom in different seasons. A large oak tree shades a bocce court.  It's a bit of heaven on earth.

Photo credits: Susan Casillias

White hydrangea
A white hydrangea, a yellow shrimp with fig leaf as green fill.

Red Ginger
Red Ginger


Hibiscus Velvet
Velvet Hybiscus