Spotlight on Nassau Gardens

Betty Jean & Eddie Connor

Betty Jean & Eddie Connor

Betty Jean & Eddie Connor

Betty Jean and Eddie Conner have a beautiful farm in Hilliard where they grow many hydroponic vegetables such as collards, lettuce tomatoes and more. Also amazing strawberries! Thanks to the hydroponic watering they can grow healthy fruits and vegetables even if there is a drought or flooding. And of course they can weed the soil standing up.


Issues that are very important to them are:

1. Having a sustainable garden, which means using methods that cause no harm to the earth while trying to actually make it better.


2. Recycle as much as possible and try not to waste.

3. Plant heirloom seeds – also called heritage varieties. These are varieties that were grown in earlier times before large-scale agriculture.

Connor Farm

Another special vegetable that they are growing in a field is Wapsie Valley corn that is drought tolerant, sustainable and an heirloom variety. They are surrounded by many heritage animals also, such as free range chickens, cows, horses, goats and pigs. What a delightful place to live.