Spotlight on Nassau Gardens

Steve & Gwen Cowart

Beautiful Florida Friendly Garden

Gwen and Steve Cowart both enjoy constructing and maintaining their lovely garden spaces. They care very much and have enjoyed learning about using Florida Friendly plants that are drought tolerant and cold hearty.

In their front yard near the Japanese Zen Garden there is an elegant Pindo Palm and also a Sylvester Palm. Gwen painted the concrete bench and lantern with two colors of paint so that they would look like natural stone. The Mexican beach rock and stones on the path present a very pleasant contrast.

Rather that planting grass on the West side of the home, they bought about a pound of annual and perennial wild flower seeds and planted them after adding a layer of top soil. The perenial blanket flowers and black-eyed Susans were the most visual at this time of the summer.

On the side and back of their home is a conservation easement area that is a tributary to Egan's Creek. What a unique view and an opportunity to see many wild animals such as otters, turtles and birds. Steve and his brother have cut back moist of the invasive vines growing in their forest area.

The small flower garden is also special with many colors that accent each other. Having come from Pensylvania, they have done a marvelous job of planting beautiful annuals and perennials that are happy here in Nassau County.