Spotlight on Nassau Gardens

Fall is special in Nassau County

The lovely Fall colors in Nassau County are everywhere around us. Red, orange and yellow are surrounded by the beautiful shades of green.

The red berries on the Pyracantha are outstanding as are the many yellow flowers on the Cassia Tree. There are citrus trees with ripe oranges, lemons and limes. And in some of the ditches along the roads there are gorgeous yellow Rudbeckia.
Maple trees have especially lovely leaves with fall color. The Japanese Maple has soft maroon leaves at the tips and green near the center. The Red Maple may have one to many branches that have maroon leaves. The bright red, orange and yellow maple that is covered with bright leaves is the Aeryn Trident Maple that is used in our towns and other urban environments.

Also the Staghorn Sumac has many shades of fall colors surrounded by green leaves and red clusters of berries, turning darker as December approaches.

Keep your eyes open and enjoy the beautiful fall color in Nassau County, Florida.