Spotlight on Nassau Gardens

Brian & Melanie Grimley

Garden of Michael & Annie Ackerman


Brian and Melanie Grimley have lived in The Thompson House for 6 years. They have not completed the renovation that they have in mind, but it is moving on. They also own Lulu’s @ The Thompson House on the same property where they serve delicious seafood choices.

The Thompson House was built in 1875  by Mr. Thompson and the enormous Sago Palm is believed to have been on the property before the home was built. Mr. Thompson came to the island as treasurer of the David Yulee Railroad. He never left and later became a Florida senator.

Brian and Melanie are taking good care of their ancient palm tree and want to keep it alive for many more years. When people walk down the sidewalk or go to the restaurant, they usually stop to look at the very large Sago Palm next to the ancient home.