Spotlight on Nassau Gardens

Mark Matar

Hilliard Garden of Mark Matar


Mark Matar is a devoted gardener who lives in Hilliard. He is Lebanese, lived in Oregon for 25 years, and is now enjoying using raised beds to do most of his gardening. He has planted
many wonderful fruits and vegetables with great success. Two years ago he visited Lebanon and brought back many seeds and plants that are thriving. He also buys seeds and plants
locally. Some of the fruits and vegetables that are growing well in his garden include tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, oregano, black and white grapes and Roman beans. He is also growing
black nipple figs that are neither black or white. He also grows plaintain from which he makes a special tea. One thing he said that he learned here in Northeast Florida was to plant tomatoes
earlier in the year so that they will ripen sooner. He also enjoys the delicious fruit off his Bear Cactus. On this particular cactus the males parts have needles while the females parts have not
Another remarkable part of his life are his goats and chickens. He uses organic soil for his raised beds and collects chicken and goat manure that he adds to the soil. There is a big pile
of mixed soil covered with healthy mint plants. His dogs and kittens care about him as much as he cares for them. Obviously he stays quite busy and enjoys his time in the garden.