Spotlight on Nassau Gardens

Richard H. Miner

Clumping Bamboo

Richard H. Miner has an amazing 2 acres of property in Yulee on Lofton Creek. He has lived there since 1986 and has 14 species of bamboo growing in his yard. His brother, James Miner, served in Vietnam, and when he came home in 1969 he operated a fish camp on this property.

Although Richard Miner has various types of bamboo the best type to plant is clumping.  Clumping Bamboo is a non-invasive variety of bamboo which grows more slowly then running bamboo. This type of bamboo makes a wonderful addition to any landscape providing very tropical look.  Any running type of bamboo should be planted in heavy containers to restrict its growth. The photos  include Buddha Bamboo, Black Bamboo and White Bamboo. Some bamboo can grow a foot a day and they all have interesting characteristics.

Mr. Miner also has several productive citrus trees and amazing raised beds for his vegetable gardens.