Spotlight on Nassau Gardens

Ben and Martha Pennington

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Ben and Martha Pennington have many different vegetables growing in their Yulee garden. To name a few, they grow Russet and Kinnebeck potatoes, Kentucky Wonder pole beans, bush lima beans, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, garlic, turnips, acorn squash, cabbage, mustard greens, okra and much more! They also love flowers.
The first citrus tree that they grew was a Valencia Orange that bears fruit from January through June. They also have tangarine, grapefruit and Sitsumi lime. They use posts to hold up the limbs when they are heavy with fruit.
He also enjoys potting plants, usually grows plants from seed, has a greenhouse, fertilizes with real animal manure and organic compost, uses cages to protct some plants from squirrels, and has some pink beans that are generations old from Martha's family. What prolific gardeners!