Spotlight on Nassau Gardens

Patty & Reed Rucker

Reed Rucker grew up on Amelia Island and has taken his love for beautiful plants with him wherever he lived, the South, Northeast and West coast.  While Reed and his wife, Patty, lived in Southern California they acquired several trees and plants that became part of their family.  They grow many of their trees and plants in lovely pots to complement the hardscaping.  When they moved back here from San Clemente, CA, about 3 years ago, they brought some lovely cactus, plants and trees with them. One is a beautiful Star Fish Aloe that has interesting tangerine leaves. This cactus has beautiful blooms in the fall. 

Patty loves plants and shrubs with edible parts, not only to use in her kitchen but also to share the love of gardening with her grandchildren. She also enjoys giving her plants names, since after all, they are part of the family. The Celestial Fig's name is Celeste and the Brown Turkey Fig's name is Frieda.  Both fig trees did well in pots for 10 years and have flourished after being planted in the ground for the last 2 years here in Florida.  The Fiddle Leaf Fig, Scout, has been a sentry at the door, no matter where the Ruckers have lived, for 12 years. 

Since moving here, Patty and Reed have incorporated Persian lime, Limequat, Meyer Lemon, Spanish variegated lemon, Satsuma tangerine, Blood orange and calamondin trees as well as pomegranate, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries and a countless number of herbs into their landscaping.
What a lovely and interesting yard. Their knowledge and creativity are fascinating....and tasty.