Spotlight on Nassau Gardens

Joyce Shepperd

Garden of Michael & Annie Ackerman

The December "Spotlight on Nassau Gardens" is Joyce Shepperd, whose home is in Fernandina Beach.  Joyce's young bottlebrush tree provides shade to ducks she and her husband have 'befriended.' The ducks are the survivors of a group of ducklings the Joyce and husband Roy, cared for until they were old enough to no longer be of interest to predatory birds. These ducks are all male as the females have left to other areas. Joyce informed me of all male ducks (drakes) have a curled tail feather, which is called the sex feather. This feather shows up once the drake reaches about 2 months of age. At maturity, the Bottlebrush tree will be 10' - 15' tall and wide.

If you are interested in being a "Spotlight on Nassau Gardens" honoree, send a digital photo and description of your garden feature to, or contact Master Gardener Libby Wilkes at 530-6350, or 530-6353. "Spotlight on Nassau Gardens" is a program of the Horticulture department of the Nassau County Extension Service.

Shepperd ducks

Roy Shepperd feeds a group of drake (male) ducks that have been cared from since they hatched.  The Shepperds' home on a lake is perfect for their wildlife visitors.