Spotlight on Nassau Gardens

Joy Shepperd & Bruce Douglas

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Shepperd's Farm is a gorgeous example of the natural beauty in Nassau County near Callahan. Joy Shepperd and her son Bruce Douglas live there now and insist on only growing what is native to Nassau County, Florida. Bruce is the 4th generation of their family to live on this beautiful natural property and is retired from the U.S. Army.

Near the farmhouse they have planted areas with many native plants and as the paths move toward the forests and the ponds Mother Nature takes over. To name only a few there are Anise trees which are native to our area and endangered, St. John's Wort, Pitcher Plant, Cinnamon Fern, native Azaleas, Youpon Holly and huge Oak trees older than our US Constitution. Many animals, insects and birds enjoy living with the native plants. Because Hooded Mergansers have teeth, they come to eat the fish and frogs in the pond. They raise chickens for the eggs and call them their “Golden Girls.” Bruce and his mother, Joy, developed their love for plants from her mother.

If you are interested in being a "Spotlight on Nassau Gardens" honoree, send a digital photo and description of your garden feature to, or contact Master Gardener Libby Wilkes at 530-6350, or 530-6353. "Spotlight on Nassau Gardens" is a program of the Horticulture department of the Nassau County Extension Service.