Spotlight on Nassau Gardens

Lynn West

Lynn West’s parents bought property in Nassau County in 1960 and moved here in 1961. Lynn moved here in 2012 ​ and she built her home on the family property​ . She has spent hours ​
working in the yard ​, so ​it is nearly completed.  Although, as gardeners, we all know it is hard to really be finished with your gardening duties.  She designed the patio in the photo, arranging the brick pavers into a functional and attractive outdoor living space. She has added many native and cultivated trees and plants such as the Sago Palm, Chaste Tree, Crape Myrtle, Hydrangea, African Iris, Bleeding Heart and many more.  What a knowledgeable and dedicated woman she is!
​​Three years ago she started rearing honey bees to help with pollinating vegetables and flowers.  Nothing like fresh honey from your own hive ​!  
Anyone would be envious of her storage shed which is attractive as well as functional.  ​Lynn can't imagine living anywhere else.  Her tiny haven in Nassau County is a place of solitude and respite whenever life becomes too busy or hectic.