Spotlight on Nassau Gardens

Paul and Terri Wright

Beautiful Summer Garden

Paul and Terri Wright were the original owners of their home. They have done all the planning, planting and maintenance for nearly 10 years. The trees, shrubs and plants have matured beautifully. Structurally they decided to use a landscape design which incorporated planting in sets of three such as 3 Palm trees, 3 Crepe Myrtles and 3 crinum lilies.

The design idea near the lake in the back yard took into consideration depth, dimension and contrast of color and shape. The Wrights have a good eye for design but they did use one of the local landscape designers who recommended specific plants which are known to be successful in our area.  They also used low growing Kumquat trees as a lovely natural fence between the neighbors on both sides. It is a “win-win”.  The native pollinators have a wonderful nectar and larvae source of food and the Wrights do too!

Next to their patio is a lovely butterfly garden attracting many butterflies, bees, hummingbirds and dragonflies. The landscape provides a continual show with all the visiting wildlife making it the best place to relax.