Pruning 101

Becky Jordi, Nassau County Extension director/horticulture agent, conducted a Landscape Matters Pruning class recently at the “Trees for Urban Settings” located at the James S. Page Governmental Complex. Participants were homeowners from throughout the county, interested in learning correct pruning practices for their trees and shrubs. They also learned to use safety precautions as they prune their trees.

Above, under the supervision of Jordi, right, Sue Ray demonstrates how to make a “first cut” when remov-ing a large limb from a tree.

A homeowner, left, looks on as Jordi, second from left, and Master Gardener volunteer Sue Ray, center, ensure stability of the ladder while Master Gardener volunteer Joanne Roach prunes limbs to provide better structure for the Dahoon Holly tree.




Rebecca Jordi
Horticulture Agent III
County Extension Director
Contributing Editor